OPTAVIA (Optimal Life)

Weight Loss

The biggest challenges we face seem so big when we have to face them alone. To create long lasting change and create new healthy habits is so much easier when you have a mentor, a friend, a health coach along your side.

Health Coaching

  • One-on-One personal coaching from someone that cares about you providing on-going encouragement, wisdom and support throughout your journey.
  • When it comes to turning healthy behaviors into habits, a Health Coach makes all the difference.
  • Scientific research shows that having support improves your chances of getting–and staying–healthy.

Healthy Eating

  • Create health in your life by fueling your body with healthy meals throughout the day. Giving your body exactly what it needs to function optimally.
  • A  plan that includes delicious, medically formulated meal replacements of every variety as well as your own lean, healthy meals, (you make yourself) are all designed to keep you satisfied and energized while you lose weight and without cravings.
  • Anyone struggling to control portion size and make better choices; meal replacements are an ideal alternative to cooking or dining out. Balanced, fortified, delicious meal replacements are safe and satisfying, especially when supplemented with a daily meal of lean proteins and green vegetables.
    • I am on maintenance but continue to eat these meal replacements everyday because they are good, convenient and have plenty of protein and help me to maintain my weight.

 Habits of Health

  • A system for choosing healthier options and making it a habit for you.
  • A guide to making good habits a part of your everyday life so that choosing the healthy solution becomes a routine that feels as natural as breathing.

It’s not your fault that you’re struggling with your weight.  Through working with a health coach and using the right tools and support your unhealthy habits can quickly change. Our comprehensive healthy lifestyle program can help you safely and effectively reach and maintain a healthy weight and adopt habits for a lifetime of health. You will start to have more energy and feel better than ever while reaching your optimal health.

I decided to try the Optavia program to lose the excess weight that I had accumulated over the last few years. I lost 12 pounds and have been able to keep it off for 10 months. Maintenance will be the lifelong goal that is very attainable with this program. – Bonnie –

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