OPTAVIA (Optimal Life)


Optavia Optimal Health Weight Loss Program

Predictable weight loss results; average client loses 20 pounds with support.  After day 4 on program, no hunger or cravings which is why is works so  well! Supported by over 20,000+ doctors! Healthy, safe and predictable!

I decided to try the Optavia program to lose the excess weight that I had accumulated over the last few years. I lost 12 pounds and have been able to keep it off for 10 months. Maintenance will be the lifelong goal that is very attainable with this program. – Bonnie –

Cost of food is $11-15/day. Since this cost includes 5 out your 6 meals/day – it is just a transfer of grocery dollars.

Easy  – Convenient for busy people – Free Personal Health Coach – Cost Neutral

Please watch this short video about the program. Please call Certified Health Coach Barbara 908-875-0816 for a complimentary no obligation phone consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started toward optimal health!

5&1 Video Link: http://bcove.me/gawsn27l

Click here to view our Optavia website: coach.optavia.com/managedfitness

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