Certifications and CEC’s

Managed Fitness Barre & Pilates Studio in Summit, NJ is a certified Pilates Academy International (Pilates on 5th) satellite studio. See our course selection for teacher training/certifications. If the scheduled session dates do not work for you – please call; whenever possible we will adjust dates (908-875-0816). We offer an apprenticeship program at the conclusion of your training. During your training and for 3 months following: you will have use of the studio for practice and observation at no charge and 15% discount off all classes. A $250 Non-refundable deposit required and each course must be paid in FULL prior to course start date. Payment plans are available.

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Special Offer: For every session you register for, you will receive $50.00 the 2nd session you register for. Please email info@managedfitness.net or call 908-875-0816 to obtain the special offer promotion code or obtain more details. An additional early bird discount of $50.00 available for early registration (workshops are not eligible). These discounts can be combined!

Jump board 1 Workshops Feb. 24th 2018 (Sat. 12-4pm) $195.00

Pregnancy Workshop March 24, 2018 (Sat. 12-3pm) $150.00

(PMA Approved – Register on line or call 908-875-0816)


Anatomy, Biomechanics and Posture Review (ABP)

Jan. 6th and 13th

This course reviews the structures (bones, muscles, joints, etc.) that form the support of the human body. An emphasis will be placed on “ideal” posture and “ideal” biomechanics of each joint while helping students learn how to detect abnormalities both statically and dynamically. Open to all personal trainers, this course is invaluable in helping you provide lasting results for your clients and increase your marketability.

This course is CEC Approved.

CEC’s:  (ACE) 1.2

Group $499; Private $630
Manual and workbook: $50


All Populations Mat I (APM I) – 35 hours

Jan. 20, 27 & Feb. 3 , 17 (Sat. 12-6pm)

What makes great buildings?  Great foundations!  This course teaches the first three tiers of the Pilates Mat repertoire and how to modify exercises for all age groups and fitness levels.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining variety and providing small challenges while safely progressing a client in order to avoid monotony.  Students leave the course confident and capable of creating safe and effective workouts for today’s diverse client.  68 Exercises.

Prerequisite: ABP or equivalent

This course is CEC Approved.
CEC’s: (ACE) 3.0

Group $1050; Private $1430
Manual: $50; Access to UPW Website: $40


All Populations Mat II (APM II) – 5 hours

(call or email for dates)

This course teaches the last two tiers of the full Pilates Mat repertoire, a necessity for students pursuing full Pilates certification with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Students learn how to assess when a client is ready to be challenged and then how to progress the client safely and effectively.

Prerequisite: APM I

Group $245; Private $360
Manual: $25; Access to UPW Website: $40

Pilates reformer website

All Populations Reformer I (APR I) – 50 hours

(Call for dates)

This course teaches students the Reformer exercises needed to be ready to customize workouts for all ages and fitness levels. Covering the first three tiers, Fundamental through Intermediate, All Populations Reformer also teaches the “physics” of the reformer so that students understand both the way the reformer operates and the safety concerns. Emphasis is placed on the differences between Pilates machine work versus regular gym equipment so that instructors are prepared to meet the needs of clients from all backgrounds.

Prerequisite: ABP
Group $1700: Private $2320
Manual Fee: $50; Access to UPW Website: $40


All Populations Reformer II (APR II) – 18 hours

(call or email for dates)

This course teaches students how to teach clients the intermediate advanced and advanced exercises to complete the full repertoire on the Pilates Reformer. Care is taken to ensure each student understands the “benchmarks” a client should accomplish before an advanced exercise is attempted, which may include exercises on other equipment.  All Populations Reformer II is a necessary component for students pursuing full Pilates certification through the Pilates Method Alliance.

Prerequisite: APR I
Group $605; Private $955
Manual: $30; Access to UPW Website: $40


All Populations Tower  Workshop – 10 hours

March 3rd & 10th 2018 (12pm – 5pm)

This course teaches students the fundamental first three tiers (through Intermediate) of exercises conducted on the tower. The Tower is an excellent piece of equipment on which to focus on isolated joint movements to strengthen the joint properly and correct faulty movement habits. Emphasis will be placed on the benefits of Tower exercises as stepping stones to more challenging exercises.
Prerequisite: ABP
Group $735; Private $935
Manual: $50; Access to UPW Website: $40