Below are our current prices. See our referral program to earn free classes!


We have created several discount packages to provide you with as much flexibility as possible. These packages can be purchase via our Wellness Living scheduling system or via our Managed Fitness Pilates app or in person at the studio.


Group Fitness Classes

1 Class…..$20
5 Classes…..$85
10 Classes…..$155
20 Classes…..$300
30 Classes…..$420
30 Day Unlimited Classes…..$169 (find this package under “contracts”)

Pilates Reformer PODS (3 People Class)

Signup for 8 weeks; same day/time. Class never gets canceled. 1 person cancels, class is on, 2 people cancel, the 3rd person gets a 30 minute private). Call or text for POD openings. You can make up missed classes up to 12 weeks from the stat of a POD.

Maximum is 3 persons per class (machines are 8 foot apart)

1 Class…..$47

8 Classes…..$315

Student Discount – 10% off all group packages

Teacher Discount – 10% off all group packages

Private Sessions

Initial Private Orientation….$69

1 Session…..$90
3 Sessions…..$260
5 Sessions…..$420
10 Sessions…..$815
20 Sessions…..$1630

 Duets Sessions

1 Session…..$58*
6 Sessions…..$330*
10 Sessions…..$525*

*Must schedule and cancel together


$50/person by appointment

OPTAVIA: Optimal Health Weight Loss Program

This is the only Optimal Health program that offers a structured eating plan, is based on science, predictable weight loss results; easy to follow, very affordable and includes the support of a free personal health coach along with an amazing community!

$12-15/day….order a 30 day supply of fuelings and receive a week free!

Call for a complimentary consultation: 908-875-0816.

Health Coaching is “Free” for life once you join the program; while on the 5 &1 plan, through maintenance and ongoing!