Group Fitness


Group Fitness Classes include: Barre, Pilatesstick, Mat Pilates, TRX Core Strength, Band it.
Barre: Our Barre classes are based on the fundamentals of Pilates. We focus on proper form and neutral pelvic alignment to protect and strengthen the spine. Barre is a strength class that combines the principles of dance and lengthening of  Pilates for total conditioning. This program provides a full body workout that builds strength and flexibility. The result is a toned long lean body, healthy and supple spine and improved posture.  This systematic format combines challenging intervals using controlled, precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscle without adding bulk.

Mat Pilates: Pilate’s exercises focus on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. The goal is to achieve a balance of strength and flexibility by working opposing muscle groups. Pilates strengthens the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine which improve your posture, balance and core strength while sculpting your body. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Originally designed as a rehabilitative practice, Joseph Pilates, years ahead of his time, knew that gravity pulls our bodies out of alignment causing muscle imbalances. The Pilates method can correct improper movement habits so that the body learns the right way to perform movement and the right muscle to use. Pilates practitioners experience optimal body functionality both internally and externally while moving through all of life’s activities.

Pilatesstick: This is a Mat Pilates based class using the Pilatestick and the foam roller. Many of the exercises are similar to Pilates Tower. This class develops core strength, improved posture, strength & flexibility. It is designed around the ABC””S principles; Alignment, Breathe, Concentration, Core, and Stabilization. An effective mind-body workout producing long lean muscles.                                              Pilatestick Fusion: Same as above but incorporates some general mat exercises into the routine.

Pilates Band-It: This is a Mat Pilates based class. We will use various types of resistance bands to intensify the classic Pilates exercises that you know and love!

After taking Barbara’s barre classes for the last four years, my muscles are leaner and longer and my posture has greatly improved! Love it!

TRX Core Strength: Burn calories and tone your muscles with this strength and endurance workout. Fire up your core, hit every  major muscle group and get ready to sweat with this total body TRX Suspension training workout.

Pilates TRX Fusion: This is a Mat Pilates based class designed to strengthen your core, elongate your muscles and improve your posture. Some exercises will be enhanced by using TRX suspension training in a very controlled way. Combining traditional Mat Pilates exercises with TRX will take your core to new level! Any exercises done on the TRX can also be done on the mat, so if you prefer regular mat, you can still come and enjoy this class!

Managed Fitness classes are challenging but fun. Everyone is encouraged to work out to his/her own comfort level. Great camaraderie and support from all of the instructors and clients as well. A fun and welcoming atmosphere. I would highly recommend the Barre classes. – Maria C –